defender restoration


At our workshop, Land Rover Defender restoration isn’t just a service; it’s a passion that drives everything we do.

With an unwavering commitment to excellence, we specialize in reviving these legendary vehicles to their former glory.

Our team of dedicated professionals combines decades of experience with a profound understanding of the Defender’s heritage, ensuring that each restoration project is completed to the highest standards.

defender restoration
defender restoration


From the moment a Defender arrives at our workshop, it becomes the focus of meticulous attention.

We carefully assess its condition, identifying areas for restoration and enhancement.

Whether it’s addressing mechanical issues, refurbishing interiors, or refreshing exteriors, no detail is overlooked in our quest to breathe new life into these iconic vehicles.


Using a blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern techniques, we painstakingly restore every aspect of the Land Rover Defender.

From sourcing authentic parts to executing precise repairs, our goal is to preserve the authenticity and integrity of each vehicle while also incorporating personalized touches to meet our clients’ desires.

With a deep respect for the Defender’s heritage and a dedication to quality craftsmanship, we ensure that every restored vehicle reflects the timeless appeal and rugged reliability that Land Rover enthusiasts cherish.

defender restoration
defender restoration


We customize your Land Rover Defender to your exact preferences with our wide selection of finishes and enhancements.

Whether you desire luxurious interior touches or rugged exterior additions, we offer a range of options to bring your vision to life.

From premium materials to personalized accents, we ensure your Defender reflects your unique style and requirements.

Experience the freedom to tailor your vehicle precisely as you desire, with our commitment to quality craftsmanship and attention to detail guiding every step of the customization process.



Starting with the chassis, the restoration is fully frame-off. The chassis is sandblasted before primer powder coating is applied to improve adhesion and rust protection, and then a black powder coating cover is given. The entire powder coating process, including all minor pieces and metal supports, is done at 400 degrees Fahrenheit.


The trailing arms are galvanized and all the new bushings are made in polyurethane for a better feel. We offer as an option Terrafirma 3ºF and 30ºR trailing arms for better performance in the lifted builds.


The axels are completely refurbished, sandblasted and powder coated.


“Ashcroft UK” refurbishes the transfer box. We improve the design to be more resistant, for a heavier use, improved potential leak prevention, and bespoke ratio so it fits better with your Defender’s use and tire size. An Ashcroft gearbox and new driveshafts are installed too.


Our partner “Asistidas Manza” is the number one in Spain in all kinds of bespoke steering box works and renewed steering equipment, so they prepare the steering box in accordance with our requirements. All the ball joints and steering bars are replaced and we offer some heavy duty steering bar options too.


All the engine internals are new and tested, as well as the mechanical components around, the injection pump, Garrett turbo, oil and water pumps, cooling system, hoses and flanges and more.

200TDI and 300TDI engines are tuned by us for the best performance working with the fuel injection pump, cylinder heads and using sport exhausts. The improvement in bhp and torque is remarkable throughout the whole RPM range, and with bespoke transfer ratios and tire size combinations we achieve the best balance for all our vehicles.


New pistons, seals, pads, rotors, sandblasted and coated calipers, stainless-steel brake lines and brake pumps are installed using OEM parts. We offer some upgrade options, such as Alcon brake kits or EBC rotors for even better performance, when our clients are looking for a future LS3 engine swap.


Depending on your final goal, we work with Bilstein or Terrafirma 4 stage shocks. And for the springs, we choose Terrafirma or Eibach, standard size or +2” lift for on road use and Fox suspensions for off road use. Polyurethane bump stops are used to improve the comfort in the most demanding situations.


We offer three different exhaust options:

  1. OEM.
  2. Middle sport stainless-steel exhaust with muffler suppressor.
  3. Fully stainless-steel exhaust.

We use Webasto AC units with a specific bespoke build to fit 200TDI or 300TDI engines.

They are very powerful units with a slim design, and do not take too much knee space compared to other brands. The Exmoor seats in combination with the new OEM heating system, take care of you during the winter too.

Body panels

All the body is taken apart, new rubber seals and rivets are installed. We are experts in “mig welding” aluminum, so we replace all damaged floors, boxes under seats, pillars or panels when required.


We always replace the doors of both three and five door Defenders with brand new ones. Thirty-year-old Defenders can have rust hidden in these parts, so for this reason we always replace them with brand new doors which ensure a  maximum flat surface for the best results when painting.

We constantly strive for the highest quality finish, so in addition to new wheel arches and doors, we always add:

Roll Cages

Our roll cage supplier is Safety Devices, the same manufacturer as the NAS Defender Roll Cages imported to the USA by Land Rover. Our D90 Soft Top’s most popular options are L188 and L236.

Hinges & Handless

We always replace the OEM hinges and use inox screws, we also offer as an option “Optimill” hinges and handles to improve even more the feeling and quality.


We always use “CTK Premium” insulation material under the front floors, gearbox bridge, doors and engine bay area in front of the bulkhead. In addition to that, we offer full insulation options for hard top D90 and D110 vehicles that cover the entire body.

Underneath the body

We use a heavy-duty black paint under the body to improve both longevity and protection.

Gross and Mate Colors

Our main expertise in the “Defender & Friends” brand, are not just with gloss colors, but also the matte options. As a result, we are used to dealing with very special colors, from Mercedes AMG, Porsche, BMW Individual, Audi RS, working with unique colors that make your Defender truly special. 

Ceramic coated

We offer ceramic treatment to improve paint protection and to keep it clean more easily. We can apply this to both gloss and matte finishes.

Bespoke parts

Prepreg forged carbon fiber parts for functional and aesthetic application.

As this is a bespoke project, we really help you during the process to design your desired Defender, offering many different available options, such as different types of seats, stitching designs, materials like vinyl, leather, carpeting, marine vinyl fabric, alcantara and many other quality textile products. 

Thanks to all of these possibilities, you really can choose the design of your dreams!

The flooring options we offer are very extensive: German bespoke carpet (the same thickness and quality as Bentley), raw (painted) floor with classic bespoke Porsche style rubber mats, Exmoor premium carpet or heavy duty rubber, and the highest quality marine vinyl fabric that is made in the USA and fully hand-fitted by us.

Our favorite natural or vegan leathers come from Porsche suppliers so the quality and color options really are exceptional.