About D&F

Defender&Friends is born from the passion two families, the Adell family and the Molins family, have for Defenders. Their 20 year friendship and shared passion has brought them to the creation of Defender&Friends.

Our company, based in Barcelona, Spain under the name of AMBESTCLASSICS25, S.L., restore the Defenders according to the designs and specifications of our clients. AMBESTCLASSICS25, S.L. collaborates with specialists with over 25 years of experience restoring classic cars, in each specific area of the restoration. These include mechanics, upholsters, body workers, painters, designers and more.

Our main partner in USA is the well-known Land Rover specialist: Performance Rovers (www.performancerovers.com) based in Charlotte, North Carolina.

We help our clients to define the design they want for the Defenders and manage the import process to the USA for them.